3 Worth-the-2.5 minutes endearingly funny videos of kidz

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Most of us use social media. If it is not Facebook, then Twitter, Instagram, emails, texts or Whatsapp keep us in touch with our friends and family, update us on news and events as well as advertise to us. We are flooded by a wealth of information from reputable and disreputable sources with opinions and ideas, doom and gloom, accounting for the depressing state of the world.

The silver lining is often the silliest little video that has “gone viral,” and is “trending” and because 10 millions others have seen it, it has now made its way to my inbox, news feed or smart phone and genuinely made me laugh. It may be a guilty pleasure, but I for one will admit, that the right ‘bit of funny,’ at the right time, can really be the brief respite from the hamster wheel of adult responsibility. And my favourites usually involve children. When it comes to me, I really do think that kidz say the darndest things.

I think young children can be so especially witty because they are so honest and naturally confident. They do not edit their thoughts or opinions or reactions, the way adults do. Their flamboyant innocence, under just the right circumstances, often yield the funniest moments. I think it is the flamboyance and sincerity of children that make them so hilarious. Here are my three favourite, under three minute, videos of kidz being amazing! If you haven’t seen these, I know they will they brighten your day:

  • This little boy finds out his mommy is pregnant and his reaction is priceless.

  • This little boy has just been to the dentist, his observations as the anesthetic wears off is side-splitting.

  • This little boy proves how children really do mimic us. Hilarious.

Please share your favourite videos with me!

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