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Buzz Kidz is proud to operate as a supportive, engaged and active Franchisor to Franchisees buzzing as small business owners across South Africa and beyond.  All unique Buzz Kidz’s amazing products and services are at their disposal.  

What exactly IS Buzz Kidz? WHAT we do: Child Development through the Arts. HOW we do it: Custom developed 3-in-1 drama, dance and singing programs in- and after school employing our own creative material and curricula.

Could you be the next Buzz Kidz Franchisee? Would you and, if need be, a small team, be able to offer offer 3-in-1 drama, dance and singing sessions, and birthday parties, to children between 0 and 13 years old in your community?  

Read about us here & watch this 2 min video.

Can you see yourself share the value of our services to the schools and communities in your area? 

Our Franchisees fit our values and culture. They are hand-picked after rigorous selection process. A typical successful Buzz Kidz Franchisee (person or team) is a combination of a strong sales person. excellent administrator, with an arts- or education background, who loves children and wants to do something impactful with their lives. 

Our Franchisees are given incredible support, access to our sophisticated systems and an achievable, tested roadmap to reaching a minimum revenue of R100K on R30K’s expenses per month. R100K per month is the base line minimum income: there is no limit to how much you can earn. 

As Franchisee, you do not personally need to work with children. Those who work directly with children, need to have some drama or dance experience and big, bubbly personalities are crucial.  

There is a fee to obtain the franchise should we award you a Buzz Kidz Franchise. Some prime areas in South Africa still available. 


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We are scaling and reaching every corner of South Africa!