African Safari

In this theme, Buzz kidz explore the richness of Africa, learning about environmental concerns in a fun way. Thandi, Ben and Zadie meets Jabulani the Giraffe, Ella the Elephant on their quest to save Rafiki the Rhino in this original Buzz adventure.

This Buzz theme lets kidz will strut their dance moves… Africa style! Original Buzz tracks for this theme include but are not limited to: Big Five Jive,  Buzzin’ and a-Bushwackin‘, Ella the Elephant, Mama Africa and Savannah Sunsets.

Outer Space

In this original Buzz theme, Thandi, Ben and Zadie meets the charming and charismatic: Scotty the Spaceman. He is
on a mission to keep the galaxies safe from the ultimate villain, Galliumina and her Gas-o-Thron 3000. This theme teaches about the solar system and global warming in a fun way. 

Original Buzz tracks for this theme include Space Jam Beat, Scotty the Spaceman, Rock Out Rocket Ship and the beautiful ballad Just Like a Star. 


Join our very own Buzz Superheroes; Bounce, Blast and more as they learn to discover and hone their unique super powers. Thandi, Ben and Zadie will show bravery and defend Planet Hero, the home of all superheroes. Buzz with us into a land of capes, masks and colourful costumes.

Original Buzz tracks for this theme include Bounce and Blast, United Heroes, Precious Powers and Superhero Swing.

Mermaids and Pirates

In this island style adventure, buzz with Thandi, Ben and Zadie to Treasure Island to find the Magical Coconut that makes wishes come true! What will you wish for? Meet Patrick the Pirate, hold on to a mermaid tail, dive into the clear blue waters and sail the seven seas on a pirate ship. Ahoy! 

Kidz will learn to sing songs like The Mermaid Mambo, Patrick the Pirate and The Magical Coconut and boogie on down, island style to the Island Boogie. 

Under the Sea

In this underwater Buzz theme, the magical Pearl of the Ocean, worn by the Whale Queen has been lost. Can Thandi, Ben and Zadie help Shelley the Shark find it before it gets in the wrong fins, like those of the nasty Electric Eels?

Original Buzz tracks for this theme include Shelley Shark, Eel Attack, Pearl of the Ocean and the disco dancing, Sea Soul Disco.

Around the World

The Buzz “Around the World” theme follows The Buzz Mobile, a rocket ship of sorts, around the world, helping kidz learn about cultures, customs and traditional foods. Thandi, Ben and Zadie will collect ingredients from all over the world to help Chef Soufflé create a dish of wonders for Phileas Fogg.

This Buzz theme lets kidz explore music styles from around the world! Original Buzz tracks for this theme include but are not limited to: The Food Samba, Buzz Mobile, World of Friends and Dance Around The World.

Fairytale Forest

In this Buzz theme Jacks invites our favourite fairytale characters, his friends, to his birthday party at the top of the beanstalk. But oops, they are now all stuck up there because the Witch cut the beanstalk down. Thandi, Ben and Zadie are buzzing to save the day! 

Original Buzz tracks for this theme include The Glass Slipper, Gingerbread Bricks and Rapunzel and The Fairytale Rap.