Music choices to suit Parent & Child

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Keeping your kids stimulated with a good tune on the way to school, a play date, an extramural or a family road trip makes it more fun for everyone and research suggests that it is also crucial for child development.


With contemporary pop song content becoming more and more risqué, a variety of age appropriate tracks for little ones are either hard to come by or may not enthuse the driver all that much.

So here are a 5 songs from a variety of genres you might not have come across or considered, to be enjoyed by mommies, daddies, au pairs, nannies and young children alike:

REGGAE: Give Bob Marley’s son, Ziggy Marley a spin with this family anthem.

ROCK: Did you know that the legendary Johnny Cash made music for kids. And it’s good. This one is about dinosaurs. How cool?

ELECTRO: Another song about dinosaurs – this time a Ninja dinosaur! – is from the quirky group: Four Tet. An alternative electronic beat for both kids and adult palettes. Weird and wonderful!

HIP HOP: Flo Rida is all the rage in the UK and this track will give the whole family and friends a “Good Feeling.”

POP: This song by the songstress Jewel, will make you want to organize a playdate for mom and child. (Check out “Sammy the Spider” as well!)

And our own contribution to listenable tunes for kids and parents.

Happy listening, and good luck!

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