Shannon Williams

Shannon graduated from the Waterfront Theatre School of the performing arts with a triple honors in drama, teaching, and musical theatre. Her career kicked off when she was cast in the iconic play Krismis van Map Jacobs, playing the role of “Blanchie” for three consecutive years. She has since been active in various theatre productions,
commercials and film and television roles too. Shannon recently returned from having a successful run in Doha of a children’s theatre production of “The three Billy goats Gruff”. Shannon discovered her passion for working with children during her second year of college. She began tutoring part time every Saturday since and graduated as
the best teaching associate. She continued to explore this avenue and worked for the Isabel Byers speech and drama school, continuing to inspire many lives. Shannon believes that communication makes room for creativity and creativity in turn allows for healing to take place within communities. Shannon is currently studying Psychology through UNISA and hopes to combine her drama qualification and experience with her psychology degree in the near future.