Around the World - Episode 2: Patty the Pastry Chef


Thandi, Ben and Ravi find themselves in a restaurant kitchen and meet a crying chef: Patty, the Pastry Chef. She is on a mission to find ingredients from all over the world. Perhaps the kidz could help her travel to different countries to find it all. But wait a minute, what is that sound? We’re not going to find out this week, we’re going to find out: next week! For now, we continue leaning our new song: The Buzz Mobile! 

All our original songs are available for download via iTunes. Tune in next week!

Podcast created by Hanneke Rauch, Hlubi Kwebulana and Frances Slabolepszy. Actor voices: Hanneke Rauch. Frances Slabolepszy, Ryan Dittman and Bunny Majaja.