Around the World - Episode 11: Sushi!


Thandi, Ben, Ravi, Patty and Dina are in Japan and asks Simon, the Sumo wrestler for Sushi. He tells the children a long story, and then gives them Sushi. Where will be going next? What will the next ingredient be? We’re not going to find out this week, we’re going to find out: next week! This week, we finish off our song: The Food Samba! We also start learning a new poem: Earth’s Wish! 

All our original songs are available for download via iTunes. Tune in next week!

Podcast created by Hanneke Rauch, Hlubi Kwebulana and Frances Slabolepszy. Actor voices: Hanneke Rauch. Frances Slabolepszy, Ryan Dittman and Bunny Majaja.