Mermaids and Pirates - Episode 12: X Marks the Spot!


Pirate Pip is sailing the high seas with Thandi, Ben, Ravi, Patrick, Scully and Molly in their quest to find Captain Hook. They want to retrieve the Mermaid Queen’s Magical Coconut. Ben remembers the Pirate Map that the Mermaid Queen gave him. If they follow the  map, will they find Captain Hook’s ship and the Magical Coconut? We’re not going to find out this week, we’re going to find out next week! This week, we continue our new song: The Magical Coconut.

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Podcast created by Hanneke Mackie, Hlubi Kwebulana and Frances Slabolepszy. Actor voices: Hanneke Mackie. Frances Slabolepszy, Ryan Dittman and Bunny Majaja.