Around the World - Episode 6: Carnival Time!


Thandi, Ben, Ravi and Patty find themselves at the Rio Carnival in Brazil. There is so much music, dancing, costumes and FUN everywhere. It is a giant festival with carnival floats, glitz and glam. They dance along and have loads of fun. But will they find the Brazil nuts that they are looking for? And what is that sound? We’re not going to find out this week, we’re going to find out: next week! We recap our song: The Buzz Mobile! AND continue learning our poem: Dina the Diva 

All our original songs are available for download via iTunes. Tune in next week!

Podcast created by Hanneke Rauch, Hlubi Kwebulana and Frances Slabolepszy. Actor voices: Hanneke Rauch. Frances Slabolepszy, Ryan Dittman and Bunny Majaja.