Thandi, Ben and Ravi have joined Bounce and Blast at The Cool School and today they get to meet the amazing Miss Might. They love this school, especially for superheroes! After they learn many interesting things as well as the “Cool School” rap, Miss Might says that the next class is extra important. What is the next class? What can it be? We’re not going to find out this week, we’re going to find out next week! Get buzzing along as we learn more of our newest Buzz song: The Superhero Swing.

All our original songs are available for download via iTunes. Tune in next week!

Podcast created by Hanneke Rauch, Hlubi Kwebulana and Frances Slabolepszy. Actor voices: Hanneke Rauch. Frances Slabolepszy, Ryan Dittman and Tshepiso Shikwambane