Themes that will have them Buzzing!

Buzz workshops are built around a unique, age-appropriate theme. Every six months we alternate themes.

Each theme has its own original music and podcasts to get kidz Buzzing. Music available on disc or via iTunes. Kidz can follow the Buzz adventures at home via our free Podcast, accessible via our website or iTunes.

In each of our stories, the fictional characters set off on another adventure in an imaginary world of fun. Who are they? Thandi is the oldest. She is the leader of the pack, brave and cool. Ben is quick at her heels. He loves reading and natural sciences. Together, they try to keep track of the daring Ravi, who is the youngest in their gang and full of beans!

These 3 find themselves in imaginary worlds, meeting colourful characters, rising to challenges, learning through fun and always saving the day!