African Safari

This wild and wonderful theme commences on 14 January 2018 and runs weekly in these schools and in these independent venues.

Throughout this theme, Buzz kidz will go on an amazing African Safari. They will explore Africa as they learn about wild animals in nature, meeting many of them as they go along. Crazy cool characters like Jabulani the Giraffe, Ella the Elephant and a many more. Will they be able to help Rafiki the Rhino find his horn? There’s only one way to find out: get your child buzzing today!

This theme Buzz kidz will strut their dance moves – Africa style! – to the tribal beats of Big Five Jive. They will have a blast singing along to the jazz-inspired Buzzin’ and a-Bushwackin‘, the pop hit: Ella the Elephant, the Afro-funk track: Mama Africa and the soul stirring Savannah Sunsets. All songs are available on iTunes and on disc. Follow our characters in our weekly adventures on the Buzz Kidz Podcast!