A visual diary – memoirs of creating stories, songs and dances for children

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At the heart of my organization, I aim to tell stories. Stories that will interest, amuse and stimulate creativity in children. Stories that are educational and fun. The creative process of creating this for little people is magnificent. I am lucky to have wonderful partnerships on which I rely to make the end product a reality.

I begin by choosing a theme like “Outer Space,” “Under the Sea,” “Superheroes” or “African Safari.” From here I write the journey in this world (the plot) which our stock characters will follow. This is packaged as weekly adventures to be acted out, improvised and experienced by the children who attend our regular workshops.

We create songs to which children sing and dance and play. We write raps and poems for them to enjoy. A whole host of industry professionals in and around the organization gets involved, to sing, play instruments in studio and create choreography and syllabus for the team training.

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When the big team of Buzz Leaders get together to learn all the material for each new theme, fun is had in preparation for the children.

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This video is the lot of us in July 2015 having a blast with our “Patrick the Pirate” song from our “Mermaids and Pirates” theme.

At Buzz Towers, our head quarters, the admin team shares the stories we have in store for their children, with parents who enquire with us, while team members prep for and shoot mini videos with fun characters for our children, in this clip below:

Then this crazy team creates Podcasts, making our stories and songs available to children around the world via iTunes.


See a little behind-the-scenes (or shall I say, behind-the-microphone) clip of our podcast in the making.

Oh, and then the fun that is made to create and promote our parties for children!

See the gorgeous team creating characters, costumes, crafts and props for Holiday Courses:

File_001  File_008 File_004

In the end, it is all for the little people. Without the stories – spoken, sung or expressed through movement – it would be a harder task to bring the Creative Arts Alive and allow children to grow confidence, social & communication skills while having a blast. I love what I do.

DSC07612 Favourite Buzz pic 1000607_574472689282905_1662527594_n

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