Buzzeez for 3-5’s

Dance: Wiggle and Explore!

Buzz leaders play a variety of high energy, physical games with kidz. These promote coordination and posture, gross motor and core strength. Kidz are taught theme-based, age-appropriate  dance choreography.

Singing: Giggle and Express!

During this section, we build confidence through gentle games that focus on eye contact, speaking up and building vocabulary. Our circle games leave kidz roaring with laughter. They are taught original Buzz songs in a fun and friendly style.

Drama: Auditory and Sensory skills through Stories!

Kidz listen to a weekly adventure story and then act out what they have heard. They get to know their favourite characters, identify and get to play these roles as Buzz Leaders gently lead them through the make believe adventure. We use shapes, colours and textures as we stimulate imagination. Click here to find out which wonderful “world” we currently find ourselves in.