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Our product is our People and we have the best!

Children don’t come to Buzz to consume or acquire a physical product. Neither do their parents who go to the trouble of getting them to and from our sessions through traffic, rain and shine. Kidz are brought to our workshops by their guardians to engage with the Buzz brand. To have an experience that enriches and develops them. They don’t leave with a tangible thing but rather with an invisible and invaluable product – memories of a sincere fun-filled hour of laughter and play, creatively stimulated with increased confidence, stronger communication skills and a boost of energy! This specific and unique service can only be delivered if the very best people are in the Buzz drama, dance and singing teacher positions. People buy in to people. Children love their Buzz leaders as they are the ones who hold the magic power to transform a room in a recreation centre, hall or studio into an alternative world filled with adventures and characters beyond the limits of their imaginations.

“Good teaching is one-fourth preparation and three-fourths pure theatre.” – Gail Godwin 

Everyone working for Buzz are active actors and have all have all been trained at Universities level.  When one of your regular Buzz leaders, see their profiles here, is not at the workshop one week, chances are they are doing an acting job. This uncertainty might worry some employers, but for my brand working with actors is perfect. If they do work outside Buzz it only makes them a greater asset to Buzz. The better the actor they are, the better the Buzz leader. I too trained as an actor at the University of Cape Town and I draw on my training in every Buzz workshops every day!

Every Buzz leader has been auditioned to work for Buzz, chosen from a large group and trained to deliver our specific brand. Our style of teaching depend on leaders being able to act as our product relies on pretend play. Pretend play is crucial for child development explains Professor of Psychology Sandra Russ (Phd) in this interesting and informative video clip. “Children who express imagination in play and who express emotion in play are able to be creative in solving problems and better regulate their own emotions,” says Russ.

“To be an actor you have to be a child.” – Paul Newman

Actors know how to play. Their ability to transport children to a magical imaginary world is priceless. Their willingness to stretch the boundaries of play allows for a high energy of fun which children rarely find in traditional environments with grown-ups. Buzz actor-teachers set the unique tone of the class and often the most introverted little one is encouraged to abandon their fears because the grown up actor-teacher is willing to be even more silly. Children abandon their self consciousness as the Buzz actor-teacher sets the tone while providing children with the safety and structure of an adult’s presence. They provide the boundaries within which children feel safe to fly. All little people should experience the sheer magic of playing with, as opposed to merely watching, a trained professional actor. There is nothing like it.

Buzz Workshop leaders encourage children in wonderful loud high-energy games, healthy competition and physical fun but are specifically trained to control this gorgeous energy and channel it towards the aims of the workshop. See a breakdown of the workshop and the aims for development of the child here. As the workshops are themed actor trained leaders are a wonderful resource in character play with the children. Each workshop is filled with characterisations that transport us to the heart of our imaginary worlds as actor-teachers physicalize pretend characters, colouring the experience with accents, props and costumes.

”Do not hire a man (or woman) who does your work for money, but him (or her) who does it for the love of it.” – Henry David Thoreau

No, Buzz leaders do not work for free. They are valued and are paid well. I am proud to be able to provide employment and it is my priority to honour my commitments to my staff no matter what Buzz’ bank balance. I do, however, believe that Buzz leaders sincerely care for the children they teach, they are invested in what we stand for as a brand and work for the result we see in children more than the financial gain. That’s how we are wired as people, I believe. Yeah, we do work for money. We have to. But what drives us is the feeling, the emotional reward, being the best at what we do. In the Buzz case, myself and my team work for the smile on children’s faces, the shrieks of their laughter, seeing them stand taller with confidence, speak louder and bolder and believe that what they have to say is worth saying. That’s what we work for at Buzz. You’ve got my word for it!

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